That is who we are.  That is our work product.  That is why we should be your intellectual property (IP) counsel.

Your patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights can be key business assets.  Whether you are leveraging your IP, improving your IP portfolio or facing someone else’s IP, we can help.  As part of your IP team, we will work with you on offense — to define and maximize opportunities — and we will work with you on defense — to define and mitigate risks.

We are uniquely suited to represent you because we have nearly two decades of experience in the real world of IP.  The real world of IP is the world where IP is obtained, asserted, defended against and challenged, the world where the quality or vulnerability of IP is assessed according to applicable legal principles and the world where the interplay among or between various IP assets can be the key to truly maximizing opportunities and mitigating risks.